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Grandmothers of the Drum: Edwina Tyler part 2

I  know that that there is a level of drumming to which master drummers aspire.  That deep inner level of drumming that can heal with a touch.  Few Master drummers will talk about it.  One of mine slipped once and spoke of the energy that travels through the head into the bowels and opens the third eye so one can see the lines that run the body.   The Spirit of Music mounts the Horse, takes over the hands and drums one’s body.  Broken meridians are rebuilt, tone by tone, slap by slap.  Healing occurs.  They covet the knowledge that heals.  They covet What Edwina Tyler does naturally; by default.  “Drumming in Jesus”, she calls it; that tapping of the womb’s secrets that allows the medicine to pass and manifest.  Read the rest of this article.

Grandmother’s of the Drum: Edwina Lee Tyler

The year was 1993.  I arrived in a small Central Michigan Town after driving two days in the rain.  I had caught a cold and was feeling quite sick.  After a long wait in line, I made it through the check-in process at the Michigan’s Women’s Music Festival.   This was my first Mich Fest experience.  A kindly soul hauled my gear and helped me set up my tent.  Fever and sniffles aside, I feel into a deep and seemingly dreamless sleep.  My mission to go to Michigan for the festival was clear.  There were black women drumming there and I wanted to meet them. Read rest of article on Edwina

Welcome to Edwina

Edwina Lee Tyler Photo: Tracy Hamilton

Welcome to Edwina, the official website of renowned Drum Grandmother and Maestra, Edwina Lee Tyler. Here you will find everything you need to know about Edwina to book her for a show, workshop or to  just enjoy her music! We want you to enjoy our articles, videos and pictures.  Feel free to leave comments thoughts.  If you are a friend or fan of Edwina’s and have photos or videos to share please send them to us at . We would love to share your herstory on this fabulous Grandmother of the drum!

Honoring Ceremony

Honoring Ceremony

June 2010
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